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The Mississippi Commission on the Status of Women was created in 2001 by the Mississippi Legislature under House Bill 797, and is codified in Miss. Code Ann. Section 43-59-1.  Our Commissioners are appointed by the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the Speaker of the House, and the Attorney General.  Each of our Commissioners serves in a voluntary capacity, with a particular focus on issues that impact the lives of our state's women and children, and by extension, all Mississippians.
Our Vision

The vision of the Mississippi Commission on the Status of Women is the improvement of the overall quality of life of women, specifically in the areas of education, health, economics, political participation, and race relations.

Our Mission

The mission of the Mississippi Commission on the Status of Women is to assess and influence policies and practices that affect women through an inclusive, collaborative process.  The Commission serves by administering and supporting; collecting and disseminating information; and recommending policies to public and private groups and persons.  The mission is undergirded by the beliefs that:
  • All persons regardless of gender should have unobstructed access to opportunities to realize the quality of life to which they and their families aspire.
  • No person should be denied the opportunity to succeed and make positive contributions to society.​​​​​​

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